Beyond Clean with GEM


September 30, 2018


S2:E1  Lindsey Huck

S2:E3  Pilar Chavarro

S2:E5 Michael Ward

Daymond Tung & Jess Baidwan

S2:E18 The Academy, Beyond Clean and GEM Supply with Everett Johnson ll

Reginald Canady talks about Winning at the GEM Cleaning Festival

S2:E19 The Academy, Beyond Clean and GEM Supply in SPANISH with Angel Cruz

S2:E20 The STATS Report with Dave & Everett

S2:E21 STATS Report with Everett Johnson ll

S2:E22  The STATS Report with Dave & Everett

S2:E23  The STATS Report with Everett & Dave

S2:E24 Larry Fagan, Leaving a Legacy

S2:E25 Recognizing Frontline Staff with Larry Fagan

S2:E26 FSPMA: How to Be a Rock Star Custodian

S2:E27 FSPMA: How to Create a Rock Star Family



S1:E1  Healthy, Positive and Proactive with Dave Thompson

S1:E2  Influenza Prevention with Darrel Hicks

S1:E3  The Value of a Master Certification with Jason Moore

S1:E4  Understanding Engineered Water with Larry Smith

S1:E5  The Value of Certifications with Lucas Wendt

S1:E6  Mumps - The Outbreak with Darrel Hicks

S1:E7  Understanding Microfiber with Gary Garavaglia

S1:E8  Healthy Schools with Chris Headrick

S1:E9  Contract Cleaning in the 21st Century with Mo Bashar

S1:E10  Networking Tips with Mike Marcellus

S1:E11  Contract Cleaning Using Engineered Water with Ward Prine

S!:E12  Certifing Your Facility with Jess Baidwan

S1:E13  Transforming a K-12 School into a Certified Healthy School with Wayne Schlotzhauer

S1:E16 How to Get Proactive About Complaints and Improve Staff Retention with Toby Keeping

S1:E17 "You can't use a How to Solution to answer a WHY Question" with John Norwat

S1:E19 How You Should Take Care of Stone Floors with Bob Murrell

S1:E20 Healthy Life Plan with Tim Roach

S1:E22 How to Protect Floor Surfaces and Lower Costs with Bret Bushey

S1:E23 How to Help Your Small Business with Nellie Loudin

S1:E27 The Introduction of AMROS Tech - Regional Campus for the Academy

S1:E30  How to Manage Your Finances in and Outside of a Business with Phillip/Alica Baker

S1:E33 Education and Training with Brian Consolino

S1:E35 Custodial Pride with Michael Ward 

S1:E36 Dealing with Workplace Issues with Raul Santiago

S1:E39 Dealing with Language Barriers with Angel Cruz 

 S1:E40 Certified, Compact and Cordless with Ken Waddell

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